International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

The T.T. Chang Genetic Resources Center in The Philippines is the largest collection of rice diversity in the world, with more than 130,000 accessions, including genetic stocks, landraces and wild relatives.

Harvesting rice accessions at IRRI in Los Baños, Philippines.
Harvesting rice accessions at IRRI in Los Baños, Philippines. Credit: Getty Images Reportage photographer Brent Stirton

IRRI has a strong focus on seed conservation research, largely directed to greater longevity of seeds in storage and improved precision of predicted seed longevity. The T.T. Chang Genetic Resources Center is actively working to improve efficiency, for example by testing an automated seed sorter that will allow seed processing to take place overnight and thus free staff for other routine operations.

The genetic resources center also has a molecular genetics team working on genetic diversity and biosystematics, and using genetic markers to find beneficial versions of genes. Data are managed, maintained and made available through the International Rice Genebank Collection Information System (IRGCIS).

The Germplasm Health Unit is well established and is a recognized component of the Philippines quarantine and phytosanitary certification system with responsibilities to the Philippines Government as well as to IRRI.

Key staff

Head, T.T. Chang Genetic Resources Center: Venuprasad Ramaiah
Head of Germplasm Health Unit: Gururaj Kulkarni
Genebank Manager: Flora de Guzman


Key performance indicators of CGIAR genebanks, 2012-2021

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Indicator 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
1. Total number of accessions 117,164 121,595 126,593 127,577 127,917 130,139 130,465 132,166 132,163 132,313
2. Total number of accessions that are currently available 107,202 113,194 117,061 120,131 120,074 119,763 120,734 122,250 121,699 118,726
3. Number of seed accessions 117,164 121,595 126,593 127,577 127,917 130,139 130,465 132,166 132,163 132,313
4. Number of vegetatively-propagated accessions 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5. Number of live plant accessions 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2
6. Number of seed accessions held in long-term storage and safety duplicated at two levels 114,446 114,886 114,886 116,294 116,294 116,294 116,290 116,286 116,288 120,601
7. Number of vegetatively-propagated accessions in cryopreservation or safety duplicated as in vitro 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
8. Number of wild species accessions 4,494 4,496 4,475 3,718 3,922

Genebank operations, 2012-2021

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Indicator 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
1. Number of accessions with passport & characterization data available . . . . . . . 132,126 132,124 132,290
2. Number accessions received 2,148 6 0 40 210 1,756 29 146 0 0
3. Number accessions regenerated 68 57 211 12 2,537 359 337 175 500 370
4. Number accessions multiplied 3,078 6,281 2,609 5,894 3,291 2,980 2,680 1,583 1,373 675
5. Number accessions health tested 18,351 6,120 6,360 11,934 8,065 8,789 11,022 9,321 2,726 9,991
6. Number accessions cleaned 201 208 160 39 1,376 99 162 20 39 17
7. Number accessions viability tested 18,521 28,453 54,670 41,309 21,570 24,364 24,098 23,871 27,525 30,897

Number of samples distributed to users within and outside the CGIAR, 2012-2021

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Indicator 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
1. Total number external germplasm requests 162 205 149 112 136 107 119 67 49
2. Number of samples distributed within the CGIAR 31,467 17,625 28,730 13,423 26,682 19,662 4,545 1,705 11,101
3. Number of samples distributed outside the CGIAR 13,065 14,407 8,454 4,581 9,136 7,534 5,309 1,541 4,472
4. Total number of samples distributed 44,532 32,032 37,184 18,004 35,818 27,196 9,854 3,246 15,573
5. Number of accessions distributed within the CGIAR 9,929 11,848 9,013 11,742 20,239 16,965 4,521 1,654 10,661
6. Number of accessions distributed outside the CGIAR 7,931 10,841 5,539 3,975 8,989 7,274 5,305 1,536 4,466
7. Total number of accessions distributed 17,860 22,689 14,552 15,717 29,228 24,239 9,826 3,190 15,127
8. Total number of accessions distributed outside the CGIAR with SMTA 7,239 4,211 1,531 4,466
9. Total number of unique accessions distributed outside the CGIAR with SMTA 6,811 5,308 3,675 1,459 4,022

Genebank Platform publications, 2017-2020

Recent publications with at least one CGIAR genebank staff as author. HINT: Use the search key to filter the data.
Authors Article title Publication name URL
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IRRI lab technician sorting rice seeds. Credit: Getty Images Reportage photographer Brent Stirton