Andean potato diversity helps agricultural development in Uganda: Victoria and the contribution of the CIP genebank

Vivian Bernal-Galeano, Genebank Impact Fellow

Vivian is a biologist who is passionate about molecular plant sciences, plant-pathogen interactions and the impacts of plant genetic improvement in the developing world. She is currently a PhD Candidate in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences and belongs to the Translational Plant Science Program at Virginia Tech, USA. Her research involves the development of tools to study the relationship between parasitic plants and their hosts. She was selected as a recipient of the Crop Trust’s Genebank Impacts Fellowship Program in 2018 to document the impacts of potato germplasm from CIP to farmers in Uganda. Her main areas of interest include the cooperation between science and society with the goal of applying the knowledge from plant science research to enhance food security.

The Genebanks

The 11 CGIAR genebanks currently conserve 730,000 of cereals and grain legumes, forage crops, tree species, root and tuber crops, bananas and crop wild relatives.